Working On Drum Covers For YouTube

YouTube Drum Covers

I was hanging out with my friend Jeff [1] the other day, and he was telling me how he recommends his drum students to post videos of their playing on YouTube. As I’m learning how to ride my bike again, I definitely plan on posting some; with a lot of covers. (I wanted to do this years ago but I hit some road blocks) Lately I’ve been perusing YT, checking out the various drum covers that people have done. I really have to say, that, there are some pretty amazing and inspiring videos out there. I’ve read recently that people are even getting endorsements –and making decent money– by doing so! That’s crazy cool.

My primary goal is to make the best videos I possibly can. [2] I’m not really a techie, so I’m still researching the best [simple] way/s to make a quality video with the shortest money. (I’m all ears if you have any suggestions) For now I will be recording on my Roland TD6 electronic kit. I would love to use my DW’s but I don’t have that option at this time. I have a M-Audio MicroTrack II recorder –that has 1/4 inch left and right inputs– which I believe will record my Rolands effectively, I’m just not sure of how the sound will come out. I’ve seen other E Players record via Audacity on their computer, which I might try instead.

As far as cameras go, I’m looking to record video with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and would also like to purchase a Gopro camera. [3] I see quite a few people recording with the Gopro and it looks like a pretty decent option. Perhaps there are some other great options (of comparable price) out there? On the video editing side of things, I’m currently looking at the Movie Studio 13 Suite even though I’d prefer to use my familiar Windows Movie Maker program. [4] I’m really interested to see what I can come up with in the near future and I hope you enjoy watching. Cheers!

Edit: I just hope I don’t get those lame copyright infringement claims (whatever happened to “fair use”?) on them, like so many people have gotten. Does anyone know the best way to keep this from happening? It seems like some folks have constant problems with this while others have no issues at all; seems random.



[1] If you haven’t heard Jeff Bowders play drums yet, I recommend that you do so. He’s a beast.

[2] Making some money and getting an endorsement or two (or twenty) would be nice but that’s not my focus here.

[3] I would like to provide at least a couple of different angles to make things interesting. It seems that the videos with higher views have this element in them.

[4] This won’t be an option however, as the program allows for only one audio track at a time and doesn’t recognize the Quick Time files that my phone records in.


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