sun reflection in water

Sometimes I miss life of the simple things
Herds grazing in the fields of green

Where the only things that matter, are the echoes of laughter
That encompass rolling hills and trees
The innocence left back there never to return again

Near hits and misses start the ember burn
The destined future now lived and learned
I could not stay in this place forever

These were the training grounds of the task now taken
Seasons of change, transformation

A fired bullet is useless to try and stop
Father time can’t rewind his clock
Recompense died to the attempt

Pastures morph now in this concrete jungle
From crickets of the night to cars of hustle

Jets flying overhead bringing new prospectors in
With all savings spent, craftsmanship
Of tools to make it in the end is their hope

Survive the plundering, ransacked from all sides
Pressed down torn and tethered
What does it take for this storm to be weathered?


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