Mike Johnston’s Practical Independence Challenge For Modern Drummer (Live Lesson)

Mikes Lessons With Modern Drummer

Photo Attribution (screenshot): mikeslessons.com/moderndrummer

I just finished up watching the free live lesson/clinic from Mike Johnston (Mikes Lessons) on practical independence, and I have to say, I’m quite grateful that he did this today. I recently discovered Mike via some online drum forums, and so when I found out he was doing this lesson, I jumped at the chance to watch it. The feed went live at 11am Pacific and lasted for an hour. (He’ll be doing an encore at 6 pm tonight).

Mike is on the cover of April’s Modern Drummer [1] and he shared with us some of his content for this issue. He started the morning off with a nice solo; displaying some of the independence ideas which he later broke down for us. His main ideas were about keeping time with the hi hats in quarters, eights etc while working through various rudiments, grooves, and soloing ideas; emphasizing the fact that just by changing the hi hat note placement (and value), you can change the entire feel to what you’re playing over/around it. At the end of the session, he fielded a number of questions from the viewers and demonstrated –further breaking down– some of the ideas people were curious about.

Mike is quite the funny guy, with the personality to break down ideas and concepts in a friendly efficient manner. I’ve been thinking about doing his online lessons [2] for the past few months, and this gave me a chance to see him in his element. Thanks for the session Mike!



[1] I hope to pick up a copy later today.

[2] These are $20 a month.


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