Lessons With Jeff Bowders

Jeff Bowders. Photo by Alex Solca.

Photo Attribution: jeffbowders.com

I’m mostly a self taught drummer but going this route does have it’s disadvantages. When I first started drumming however, I was only interested in rocking out, and oh ya, I was way too hyper to stick with lessons, especially dealing with things called fundamentals. After all, I wanted to be a drummer not a “paradiddler”. When my peers in marching band –I played the lowly cymbals– were working on rudiments, I was working on beats. [1] Fast forward some years here, I joined a band that had a record deal and I met the drummer that did the session for their record, Jeff Bowders. I ended up taking only one lesson with him, and he eventually moved to Nashville. [2] [3]

As I’m getting back into drumming –and the fact that I’m not that hyper punk kid anymore, I have more patience these days– I started taking lessons again with Jeff. I want to correct my bad habits that I’ve developed over the years, and learn some things that I couldn’t on my own. I told him that I wanted to start all over, from the ground up and back to the basics. [4] My first lesson was yesterday and we worked on the Gladstone technique, grips etc. I was surprised when he told me that my homework will be working on this material for only 30 minutes a day! I can definitely do that. I’m really looking forward to learning/relearning things that I should have years ago.



[1] I didn’t have the patience to get drum lessons on a kit either.

[2] I moved to Nashville also and was his roommate for a time. I really didn’t settle on getting lessons with him then but I should have.

[3] Jeff has played for a number of artists since I first met him; playing for artists such as: Rebecca St. James, Paul Gilbert, Puddle Of Mudd, Shakira etc. He’s quite a busy sideman here in Los Angeles, and he’s worked very hard to get where he is today.

[4] Though it’s tempting to get on to the more cool stuff, but I know this is what I need right now. We’ll get to all that jazz later.




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