sun reflection in water

Sometimes I miss life of the simple things
Herds grazing in the fields of green

Where the only things that matter, are the echoes of laughter
That encompass rolling hills and trees
The innocence left back there never to return again

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Tommy Igoe Drum Clinic At LACM

Drum clinic with Tommy Igoe at LAMA Pasadena

I had the pleasure of attending a Tommy Igoe drum clinic at the Los Angeles College Of Music last night in Pasadena. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to a drum clinic; the last one I attended was with Carmine Appice at Guitar Center, which was a number of years ago. Tommy started with a nice little drum solo to “wake up the drums”, then proceeded to play a Carribean tune, which he told us he hadn’t played since October. Initially, his playing was a little on the sloppy side e. g. a number of his hits were off the mark –rims being accidentally hit, sticks were clipping each other etc but overall his playing was great. He later admitted that he would’ve liked to practice [the material] the day before, but he preferred the dangerous element of not doing so; allowing the mistake factor its increased opportunity –taking chances in front of his audience– to add to the overall organic feel of his performance. This is refreshing to me as I’m tired of the Nashville ways of robotism.

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