Lessons With Jeff Bowders

Jeff Bowders. Photo by Alex Solca.

Photo Attribution: jeffbowders.com

I’m mostly a self taught drummer but going this route does have it’s disadvantages. When I first started drumming however, I was only interested in rocking out, and oh ya, I was way too hyper to stick with lessons, especially dealing with things called fundamentals. After all, I wanted to be a drummer not a “paradiddler”. When my peers in marching band –I played the lowly cymbals– were working on rudiments, I was working on beats. [1] Fast forward some years here, I joined a band that had a record deal and I met the drummer that did the session for their record, Jeff Bowders. I ended up taking only one lesson with him, and he eventually moved to Nashville. [2] [3]

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Working On Drum Covers For YouTube

YouTube Drum Covers

I was hanging out with my friend Jeff [1] the other day, and he was telling me how he recommends his drum students to post videos of their playing on YouTube. As I’m learning how to ride my bike again, I definitely plan on posting some; with a lot of covers. (I wanted to do this years ago but I hit some road blocks) Lately I’ve been perusing YT, checking out the various drum covers that people have done. I really have to say, that, there are some pretty amazing and inspiring videos out there. I’ve read recently that people are even getting endorsements –and making decent money– by doing so! That’s crazy cool.

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